Use of "a" or "an"


An apple

A banana

An orange

A pawpaw

An onion

A blouse

An umbrella

A mango

An animal

A shirt

An egg

A book

An athlete

A cocoyam

An example


An exercise




The indefinite article a, is used with nouns begins with a consonant. Example: a table.
The indefinite article becomes an in front of noun starting with a vowel. Example: an apple, an orange, an egg.


Past tense with ago

Today is Monday, last Saturday, I met Ramatou at the cinema from Saturday to Monday = 2 days. Saturday = 16th, Monday = 18th. I saw Ramatou at the cinema 2 days ago. Today is the 12th; I went to the hospital a week ago. Classes started on the 11th. Classes started one week ago. Today is the 18th. Two week ago, we were on holidays.