The simple past tense

These time indicators indicate completed action in the past: yesterday, last night, last week, a week age, last year.

The simple past tense of regular verbs

Paul walked to the stadium last Saturday.
Tom arrived early in class yesterday.
The rain stopped after 5 P.M last Monday.
The boys studied his math lesson last night.
Paul played football with his brothers.


Past tense

To work


To arrive


To stop


To study


To play



  • The from, the present, the past of regular verbs by adding ed to the simple form of the verb (infinitive)
    Example: to open → opened; to work → worked
  • If the verb end with e we simply put d
  • If the vowel end with a consonant precede by only one vowel, we double the consonant and we put ed
    Example: travel → traveled
  • If the verb end with y preceded by a consonant change y into before we add "ed"
  • If the find y is preceded by a vowel, the y does not change
    Example: to enjoy → enjoyed
    to play → played