Present simple

to do - I/you/we/they do
he/she/it does

to have - I/you/we/they have
He/she/it has

to be I am
you/we/they are
He/she/it is

o, s, x, ch, shes
to go - he goes
to pass - he passes
to box - she boxes
to match - she matches
to wash - it washes

c + y = ies
to cry - he cries
to try - he tries
to remedy - he remedies

Present continuous

To write:

  • I am writing
  • you/we/they are writing
  • he/she/it is writing

Present perfect

To talk:

  • I/you/they have talked

He/she/it has talked

Present perfect continuous

To dance:

  • I/you/they have been dancing
  • he/she/it has been dancing


Past simple

To be:

  • I/he/it was
  • you/we/they were

Past continuous

To enjoy:

  • I/he/she/it was enjoying
  • you/we/they were enjoying

Past perfect

To catch: I/you had caught

Past perfect continuous

To seek: I/you had been seeking


Future simple (will/shall)

To speak - I/you ... will speak
.... Shall speak

Future continuous

To swim - I/you ... will be swimming
...shall be swimming

Future perfect

To drive - I/you ... will have driven

Future perfect continuous

I love - I/you ... will have been loving



Conditional simple (should/would)

To put - I/you ... would put
... should put

Conditional continuous

To climb - I/you ... would be climbing
... should be climbing

Conditional perfect

To rise - I/you ... would have risen
... should have risen

Conditional perfect continuous

To sing - I/you ... would have been singing