Question tag

When you expect the answer to be "yes"

  1. He will come by train, won't he?
    Yes he will.
  2. She sent it, didn't she?
    Yes she did.
  3. She was waiting, wasn't she?
    Yes she was.
  4. He had already arrived, hadn't he?
    Yes, he had.
  5. He likes them, doesn't he?
    Yes, he does.
  6. They like them, don't they?
    Yes, they do.
  7. They are waiting, aren't they?
    Yes they are.
  8. He has a pencil, hasn't he?
    Yes we are.
  9. We are here, aren't we?
    Yes we are.
  10. He has been fighting, hasn't he?
    Yes, he has.
  11. We are in class, aren't we?
    Yes we are.

When we expect the answer to be "No"

  1. You haven't seen him, have you?
    No, we haven’t.
  2. They aren't lucky, are they?
    No, they aren't.
  3. She doesn't like mangoes, does she?
    No, she doesn't.
  4. We don't like English, do we?
    No we don't.
  5. They weren't waiting for me, were they?
    No they weren't.
  6. He hadn't eaten, had he?
    No, he hadn't.
  7. You won't write to her, will you?
    No, I won't.
  8. I haven't gone to school, have you?
    No, I haven't.